Best Buy Faces Bait-and-Switch Lawsuit

Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal has announced a lawsuit against Best Buy accusing the chain of using in-store computer kiosks to deceive consumers and overcharge them.

Best Buy is one of the nation’s  largest consumer electronics retailers.  The lawsuit was filed yesterday. It accuses Best Buy of denying customers the best prices quoted on Best Buy websites by having its employees refer to look-a-like internal websites which quote higher prices.

“Best Buy used in-store kiosks to conceal lower online prices and renege on its price match guarantee. Consumers seeking bargains were led to believe that lower online prices had expired or never existed. Best Buy treated its customers like suckers, not patrons to be prized,” said Blumenthal.

The lawsuit seeks consumer refunds, civil penalties, and other remedies. Best Buy has until June 13 to respond.